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Virginia Veterinary Conference Recap

In February, the VAFAP co-hosted the Virginia Veterinary Conference at the Hotel Roanoke. More than 50 veterinarians and veterinary students were in attendance. A dinner for students and practitioners was sponsored by Zoetis.

To kick off the Food Animal session, Dr. Kathleen Becker spoke about Technical Large Animal Rescue (TLAR), the safe and practical extrication of a live large animal from entrapment. We also heard from Dr. Julio Giordano of Cornell University regarding several hot topics in bovine reproduction. Dr. Joan Bowen covered topics on practical small ruminant medicine, while Dr. Mike Apley, of Kansas State University, share his immense knowledge on drug therapy, judicious use of antibiotics, the use of steroids and NSAIDs in cattle, and several other topics. Dr. Apley is world-renowned for his knowledge of pharmacology as it pertains to cattle.

During the conference, VAFAP member, Dr. Melinda McCall, received the prestigious Paul F. Landis Virginia Veterinarian of the Year. Thank you, Dr. McCall, for your many selfless contributions to our organization and the veterinary profession!

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